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For millions of men around the world, unwanted back hair is an uncomfortable reality. The NEAT shaver makes the hair removal process quick, easy and pain-free. You have enough to worry about, let NEAT watch your back! 

Are you a hairy Ape?

No problem! Our NEAT shaver will gently glide through thick or thin patches of back hair and body hair. So, whether you have "patchy" spots of hair on your back and body or if you are so hairy that you are often referred to as a "Hairy Ape" there is no job too great or small for the NEAT shaver

Get the ULTIMATE Dry Shave

Our NEAT blades are specifically designed to shave back & body hair which in most areas tends to be less coarse than typically found with facial hair. That being said, the NEAT shave technology is designed to control razor flexibility in a manner that allows a lighter and less rigid friction between razor and skin surface. That means an easy and pain-free shave.

How did we do it?

Compared to most facial razors, which strive to create a flexible environment around the razor, we create a less flexible outside environment with a flexible cutting blade. This means our blades allow our customers the option of either DRY shaving (shaving without the use of a lubricating shaving cream or gel) or WET shaving (shaving with the use of a lubricating shaving cream or gel).

If you've ever attempted to shave your own back,  we don’t need to tell you this is a big deal.


If you have back hair and you don’t have a NEAT shaver, you’re doing it wrong!