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Product Description:

  • The upper teeth: 5cm x 1cm
  • Lower teeth: 4cm x 1cm


  • High quality copper / environmentally friendly metal, fixed food grade silicone, boxed with medical tweezers for custom fitting.
  • This product is for entertainment purposes only. 
  • When eating or sleeping, remove the braces.
  • Avoid using high temperature hot water soak silica gel.
  • Avoid contact with daily chemicals such as skin care products and hair care products. 


  1. Place the white silicone on the gold teeth slot.
  2. Soak the gold teeth (silver teeth) together with silicone into the hot water of about 70-80 degrees for about 15-30 seconds to make the silicone foam soft. (Note, do not use boiling water or boiling water, otherwise it will blistering silica gel, can not be used)
  3. Put gold teeth (silver teeth) into your mouth and gently bite the alloy teeth with your upper and lower teeth. The soft silicone is compressed by the teeth in the user's mouth to adjust the shape, match with the shape of the teeth, play a role in fixed stereotypes.
  4. If the stereotyped effect is not good, the stereotype can be repeated until it is satisfied.
  5. After each use of the braces, wash them with water and dry them.