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The broom has been made the same way for centuries, not anymore. Rubber broom is an evolution in sweeping that goes from wet to dry in a heartbeat and won’t wear out. 

How many brooms, brushes and mops do you own? Carpet brooms, backyard brooms, dust brushes - all nylon, plastic or even twig and all getting worse and worse with every use. Rubber broom is made from 100% poly-isoprene rubber. That’s an industrial quality that won’t wear down, fray, buckle or splay over time. It’s also waterproof so cleaning is as easy as rinsing under a tap or, remove the head and pop it into the dishwasher. It’s as good as new every single time! 

The 500 rubber bristles also generate an electro-static effect that draws small particles to them but, unlike normal brooms that hold dust and grime in their bristles, Rubber broom doesn’t hold on to anything and leaves the whole mess in a neat line ready to be disposed of. 

On tiles those 500 soft, flexible bristles drop into the grout lines that ordinary brooms don’t reach so every inch of your floor is swept clean. On carpets they grab and drag those pet hairs that are so embedded into the fibres that even a powerful vacuum cleaner can’t move them! The hairs are drawn to the rubber by the electro-static charge and held on by the incredible friction that only a rubber surface can offer. 

But that’s not all! Rubber Broom comes with a built-in squeegee, right along the back edge, for splashes and spills, or when you need to clean windows, tiles or even your car. A bucket of soapy water and the amazing combined effects of rubber bristles for scrubbing and a water-tight squeegee to remove the surface liquid, you’ll get a streak-free shine every time. 

So why waste time, storage and money on nylon or plastic brooms that hold on to dust and dirt and wear out? Why have a collection of brushes and mops for indoors and outside? With Rubber Broom you can go from sweeping up wet leaves in the yard to washing your upstairs windows and then getting fur out of your carpets in one go!  Once you’ve used rubber, you’ll wonder why you ever used anything else!
  • Rubber bristles attract dirt
  • Made from natural Rubber
  • Picks up the finest particles in a single stroke!
  • Built-in squeegee for wet surfaces
  • Cleans everything from pet hair to windows
  • Even gets pet fur from carpets
  • Extendable handle for total control and reach
  • Rinses clean under a tap or in a dishwasher

CLEAN UP  DUST & DIRT — Patented design makes cleaning up dirt and dust on any surface. Easily sweep up pet hair off hardwood, carpet, sofas, tiles, walls and more!

MAKE CLEAN UP A BREEZE — Natural rubber bristles create static electricity to attract dirt on multiple surfaces, like carpet, tile, hardwood, and linoleum. Sweep up pet hair and dirt easily without scratching your floors. Regular brooms kick up dirt leaving a mess everywhere.

BUILT IN SQUEEGEE — Industrial quality rubber squeegee effectively dries both flat and curved surfaces and cleans up liquid spills. You can use it to dry concrete or garage and bathroom floors, kitchen surfaces, glass windows, car windshields.

CLEAN WINDOWS & MORE — Built-in rubber squeegee for cleaning windows and spills. Reach high areas with the telescopic pole that extends from 30 to 50 inches.



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